Strategic Planning: Shaping Community with Informed Decisions

Suite IV - 10:30 AM

A strategic plan without actions and measures is simply an aspiration. Communities can successfully adapt and achieve their goals for the future by identifying opportunities, setting expectations, and monitoring progress. In this session, you will see how local government is strengthening their strategic plans and decision-making with new approaches and data. Projects in this presentation include water shutoff equity analysis, CIP decision-making dashboards, utility accounts analysis, and a tax exempt property dashboards.

Featured Projects:

Water Shutoff Equity Analysis

Community leaders and MGP support inclusivity and fairness by assessing equity in service delivery. This analysis of water shutoff data and demographic data determined with confidence what factors drive water shutoff and helped identify how the community could help impacted residents.

CIP Decision Support Dashboard

Northbrook and MGP identify priorities and verify practices by bringing data together. This unified dashboard consolidated water main ratings, pavement ratings, and lead water services to support capital improvement project decisions.

Water Accounts Analysis

Roselle and MGP discover financial opportunities by evaluating major revenue streams. This analysis of Roselle’s Water Utility Service Area identified potential new connections inside and outside the Village based on development status, proximity to water mains, and status of water utility re-capture agreements.

Tax Exempt Property Dashboard

Lincolnwood and MGP inform policy decisions by visualizing community data and comparing with neighbors. This tax-exempt property dashboard visualizes the impact of their exemption policies and how that compares with peer communities.

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