You will grow and thrive!

  • Louise Hahn

    “What I like about working at MGP is how I can enter into different worlds, different company cultures, with the clients that I serve. There's always something new and different and different people to engage with—lots of variety with the work, both technical and more creative things.”

    Louise, GIS Analyst
  • Matt Huser

    “You don’t just push buttons here. If I have a new idea, leadership listens. I have influence. We’re team players who voice our opinions and influence. You CAN make opportunities for yourself here.”

    Matt, GIS Administrator
  • Elaine Kurr

    “My main role since starting has been working on-site in communities, building relationships with local governments, working on their data, helping them make informed decisions. Looking ahead, MGP’s career management program has different levels that show you how you can progress to different roles, like shared analyst or client account manager.”

    Elaine, Account Manager
  • Mike Falkofske

    “From managing projects to leading companywide teams, there are many opportunities to build your leadership skills. MGP provides you with the training and the resources to develop your leadership skills ”

    Mike, GIS Analyst
  • Rachael Luzar

    "No mindless data entry here! Every day is different, and I get to manage my time to have the highest impact for clients. It’s fulfilling to know that the work we do directly impacts communities in the Chicago area."

    Rachael, Account Manager
  • Grant Dixon

    "Your career and future is always in your hands and supported by leadership! If you want to work on a specific project, you can. If you want to develop a certain skillset, you can. You have the ability to make your career what you want it to be."

    Grant, GIS Administrator


How We Show Up Each Day

MGP provides both the people and solutions to build stronger communities. Technology is only as strong as the humans behind it, so we are committed to finding those rare individuals who want to do good and do well. We offer a work environment that is a breath of fresh air compared to other companies.

Long-term Relationships
We invest in establishing both external and internal relationships. We commit to stability and mutual success.
Coaching for Growth
We’re not just filling seats. We invest in the right talent with an eye toward each team member’s professional development.
Integrity in All Interactions
It seems that doing what's right is in short supply these days. That's not true at MGP. We follow through on our word. Check in. Follow up. Meet deadlines. We go above and beyond to exceed client expectations, every time.
Cohesive, Trusting Teams
In all that we do, we each play a role in creating high-performing, results-driven teams. We have each other’s backs, providing open and honest feedback for continual improvement. Our Diversity and Inclusion Council drives cohesiveness and keeps us accountable to ensuring our company reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.
The Fun Factor
We’re serious about serving our clients, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Laughter relieves stress, boosts well-being and creativity—and just makes every day better.

Work With Our Top Team

MGP is where uniquely intelligent, driven contributors and question-askers find a team of like-minded individuals. You’ll find it’s a breath of fresh air to be heard and encouraged to contribute ideas.

No Day is the Same

Every day at MGP, you enjoy a variety of work— projects, clients and technology offerings. You won’t push buttons here. Nothing will be mundane. We promise.

Be a Difference-Maker

You have to be looking for more than a job. Come leverage both your technical talents and interpersonal finesse while working to improve communities at the local level. At MGP, you will truly impact lives.

Our Core Values