Service Delivery: Putting your Data to Work

Suite III - 10:30 AM

The number one focus of local government has always been service to the people. As innovations advance, there is an opportunity to leverage new approaches that improve operational efficacy across all departments. Projects in this presentation include improvements in refuse collection, tracking time and activity, street light outage reporting, creating opportunities with improved address data quality, and fire response area improvements.

Featured Projects:

Time and Activity Tracking

Glencoe and MGP create efficiencies and remove tedious, manual processes with innovation and change management. This mobile-friendly application efficiently collects time spent on maintenance activities which increased the efficiency of the entry process and created new opportunities for analysis and visualization.

Refuse Collection Issues Reduction

Winnetka and MGP collect actionable data to support accountability and process improvement. This mobile application captures refuse collection issues and locations, and the integrated dashboard allows decision-makers to analyze the incoming data.

Fire Response Area Improvements

Palatine and MGP enhance public safety with data and analysis. Emergency response data, street and travel information, and firefighters’ on-the-ground perspective were used to analyze and improve fire response zones, reducing travel times and equalizing areas.

Street Light Outage Reporting

Libertyville and MGP overcome barriers to success with communication and technology. Implementing Asset Management and creating consistent communication channels reduced the street light repair time by over 85%.

Address Standardization

Glen Ellyn and MGP create new opportunities with team buy-in and innovative approaches. Bringing the right team together, committing to the goal, and creating efficiencies with automated updates improved ERP address data quality by more than 250%.

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