Better Decisions Mean Better Operations

MGP exists to improve communities by inspiring local governments to be more innovative and efficient. By collaborating closely with community staff to help them make better decisions and invest public dollars more wisely, MGP helps local governments deliver on their promises and earn the trust of residents and community leaders.

We do this by introducing new technologies, streamlining processes, and harnessing data.

What we do
With MGP as a partner, local governments gain access to outside perspective and expertise. To inspire community innovation, our teams work alongside municipal staff and leaders.
What we do

Specializing in data-driven solutions, MGP organizes, analyzes and visualizes data to reveal valuable new insights.

What we do

Through our unique model, MGP improves local government effectiveness by creating solutions to pressing challenges. We then standardize those solutions and share them across all departments and communities.

  • “I like figuring out how our products really help our community and helping make big decisions, then replicating projects for other communities to save time and money. You are exposed to so much working for local governments.”

    Megan, Analyst
  • “My main role since starting has been working on-site in communities, building relationships with local governments, working on their data, helping them make informed decisions. Looking ahead, MGP’s career management program has different levels that show you how you can progress to different roles, like shared analyst or client account manager.”

    Elaine, Analyst
  • The people who work here make it so easy to do your job. I’ve never worked at a place where you honestly function as a team the way we do. The leadership team is very receptive to feedback.

    Brett, Analyst