Read about some of the complex challenges we've solved for local governments.

An Address is to a Location as a Social Security Number is to a Person

The world is filled with millions of people and each person has a unique social security number assigned to them at birth. Likewise, a community is made up of thousands of addresses and each property has been assigned a unique address. Local Government is the primary agency responsible for maintaining and managing these addresses. Consistency among address data is crucial for effective and efficient communication within a municipality.

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Utility Stakeholder Teams: A Collaborative Group Committed to Raising the Bar

Imagine you are responding to a water main break in the middle of the night and you need to quickly identify the water valves to turn off. How easy is that? Can you rely on any departmental data? In this example, high quality utility data would save the workers responding to this incident a lot of time and hassle. So while the quality of your utility data is important, it can also leave many municipalities wondering what they can do to improve it.

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Underground Networking: The Harmony between Data Confidence and Trusted Relationships

Imagine that you are in a community with a serious lack of confidence in your underground utility network data. There are numerous instances of pipe lines being located up to 20 feet off, manholes located on top of buildings, outdated utility features, and improvement projects that are not represented in the data. Furthermore, it has been years since the last reproduction of the paper utility mapbooks that are vital for Public Works and field crews to perform their jobs.

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