You Will Grow and Thrive!

Work With Our Top Team

MGP is where uniquely intelligent, driven contributors and question-askers find a team of like-minded individuals. You’ll find it’s a breath of fresh air to be heard and encouraged to contribute ideas.

No Day is the Same

Every day at MGP, you enjoy a variety of work— projects, clients and technology offerings. You won’t push buttons here. Nothing will be mundane. We promise.

Be a Difference-Maker

You have to be looking for more than a job. Come leverage both your technical talents and interpersonal finesse while working to improve communities at the local level. At MGP, you will truly impact lives.

  • Rachael Luzar

    "No mindless data entry here! Every day is different, and I get to manage my time to have the highest impact for clients. It’s fulfilling to know that the work we do directly impacts communities in the Chicago area."

    Rachael, Analyst
  • Matt Huser

    “You don’t just push buttons here. If I have a new idea, leadership listens. I have influence. We’re team players who voice our opinions and influence. You CAN make opportunities for yourself here.”

    Matt, Analyst
  • Peter Szewczyk

    “It is extremely apparent that other vendors operate differently. We have a competitive advantage over others because they miss deadlines or aren’t responsive. That would never happen at MGP.”

    Peter, Analyst